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My Yoga Journal Newsletter Info My Yoga Journal
My Yoga Journal

Inspire your practice, deepen your yoga knowledge, and stay on top of yoga news with this weekly newsletter.

Eating Wisely Newsletter Info Eating Wisely
Eating Wisely

Receive tasty, nourishing vegetarian recipes, plus articles to support your healthy choices, in this weekly newsletter.

Wisdom Newsletter Info Wisdom

Grow your spiritual practice through philosophy features and meditation techniques from this weekly newsletter.

My Yoga Mentor Newsletter Info My Yoga Mentor
My Yoga Mentor

A bi-monthly newsletter for teachers. Enhance your teaching or advanced practice with exclusive articles addressing anatomy, philosophy, teaching methodology, and the business of yoga.

Daily Insight Newsletter Info Daily Insight
Daily Insight

Shake off that afternoon slump and receive a quick dose of yogic inspiration with this daily newsletter.

Office Yoga Newsletter Info Yoga Journal’s Office Yoga
Yoga Journal’s Office Yoga

Would you like to feel more focused at work? Our three-week program offers daily newsletters with instructional videos and office yoga tips, plus advice on breathing, visualization, and meditation practices you can easily do at your desk.

Meditation Invitation

Transform your relationship to yourself and to the world around you with meditation! Our 28-day program includes daily newsletters, guided meditations, instructions for sitting and breathing during the practice, inspirational tips, and more.

Yoga Journal Benefits Plus

Exclusively for Benefits Plus members: Stay up-to-date on valuable resources, important information, and exclusive discounts available through Yoga Journal's teacher liability insurance program.


4 weeks of asana practices, meditations, and self-reflection exercises designed to tap your inner guidance system, channel your energy, and strengthen your willpower muscles. Learn to identify what you really want in life and gain the tools and skills needed to reach those goals.

Strong Core

Join YJ's exclusive two-week program to strengthen and tone your core, with daily video asana practices and expert tips about the importance of developing a strong center.


Yoga Journal's 21-Day Yoga challenge

Kick start your home yoga practice with this three-week program of instructional video practices, audio meditations, healthful vegetarian recipes, practice tips, and more! Choose from a beginner’s or intermediate track, and keep your eye out for our daily 21-Day Yoga Challenge newsletters.

Fitness Challenge 2013

Get fit with yoga! Our free 3-week program will show you how.

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